How to fill Capital Gain in ITR-2 on new IT Portal for ICICI DIrect Users
How to fill Capital Gain in ITR-2 on new IT Portal for ICICI DIrect Users

How To Fill Capital Gain in Income Tax Return (ITR-2) Via ICICI Direct (Video)

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If you are an ICICI Direct user and trade in Stocks and Mutual Funds, then this article is for you. I will explain how to fill capital gain details in Income Tax Return (ITR-2) in New Income Tax Portal. I will be explaining the process for both Shares and Mutual Funds.

Since I have already created a You Tube video on this topic, I am uploading the same here for your convenience.

In short, you have to do following things:

  1. Download Capital Gains statement from ICICI Direct
  2. Make changes in Capital Gains statement as suggested in video
  3. Select the right schedules to fill under ITR-2
  4. Fill consolidated data for STCG
  5. For LTCG on shares purchased before 31 Jan 2018, fill data for each stock you traded
  6. For LTCG on shares purchased after 31 Jan 2018, fill consolidated data
  7. For Mutual Funds, find ISIN and then fill STCG or LTCG in similar way
  8. Verify if total loss/gain from ICICI Direct statement matches that on Income Tax Portal ITR-2 Schedules.

Below is the video explaining above steps in details.

How to Fill Capital Gains in ITR-2

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