How To Pay Self Assessment Tax
How To Pay Self Assessment Tax - Challan 280 while filing IT Returns

How To Pay Self Assessment Tax on New Income Tax Portal

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In today’s post, I will explain you the process on How To Fill BSR Challan 280 and How To Pay Self Assessment Tax / Advance Tax Online Via Net Banking (ICICI/SBI) on New Income Tax Portal for Assessment Year AY21-22.

While the video focuses on ICICI/SBI, the process will remain same for any other bank as well.

Steps involved to pay self assessment tax are very simple:

  1. Calculate the self assessment tax you have to pay
  2. Login to TIN portal for paying self assessment tax
  3. Fill in the details and ensure that you select the right Challan (Challan 280 for Self Assessment)
  4. You will be routed to your internet banking page where you can enter the amount and do the payment
  5. On successful payment, a Challan copy will be generated which you should download and save for future reference.
  6. Add details of this Challan on the ITR portal tax paid section while filing the tax returns.

View the below video for detailed process

How to Pay Self Assessment Tax / Advance Tax

Note – While the video explains how to pay Self Assessment tax, process is same for Advance Tax as well. Challan number will still remain 280. Just the Type of Payment will change from 300 to 100.

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