Webinar - Managing Personal Finance amid Covid
Common Concerns on Managing Personal Finances

Webinar on Basics of Personal Finance – 12 and 13 Dec 2020 (Bonus – Managing Personal Finances amid COVID 19 and Job Losses)

Topic => Basics of Personal Finances – 12th Dec (Saturday) and 13th Dec (Sunday), 11 am – 1 pm IST – Paid session

Common Concerns on Managing Personal Finances
Things most people are concerned about while managing Personal Finances

After the success of our first webinar on Alternate Sources of Income (done in August), Save More Money presents our next webinar under Financial Freedom Education Series.

This time, we will focus on the foundation – basics of Personal Finance, ways to grow money, how to gain Financial Freedom and retire early.

What will you learn?

  • How to break out of the rat race?
  • Why bother about Inflation?
  • Why your office insurance is not enough?
  • Investment Avenues including Mutual Funds
  • How to become a crorepati?
  • How to reduce your taxes?
  • Will EPF & NPS be enough for my retirement?
  • Why People Lose Money?
  • How early can you retire?
  • 10 common money mistakes
  • Bonus #1 => How to survive financially during Covid 19 and Job Losses

  • Bonus #2 => Be part of our community of participants. Over time, this community will grow both in number and experience. This will help everyone succeed

Much more ideas will be discussed during the session.

Find a way to grow money
Always keep looking for ways to grow money

Session Details

When & Where => Google Meet on Saturday 12th Dec and 13th Dec 2020 between 11 am to 1 pm IST 19th Sep and Sunday 20th Sep 2020 between 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm IST

Note that this is a 2-day webinar. We will cover few topics on Day 1 and remaining topics on Day 2.

Hosted by => Ameet Parande | Nishant Gupta

Fees =>2000/- only.

Early Bird offer => Enjoy 50% discount on registering by 6pm IST on Friday 11 Dec 2020. You will have to pay only 1000/-

Suitable For => Everyone

Knowledge required to attend this session => No pre-requisite needed. All are encouraged to attend.


How to register

  1. Drop us a mail on hello@savemoremoney.in showing your interest. We will contact you with details on when next session is scheduled.
  2. Pay fees via Paytm and send a screenshot via mail
    • 1000/- if paid by 6pm on Friday 11 Dec 2020
    • 2000/- if paid by 10am on Saturday 12 Dec 2020
  3. We will send you the google meet link 30 minutes before the meeting

Why attend?

Financial Freedom journey is a tough one. Most do not understand the tricks and keep failing at similar pitfalls.

They think they are smart and can manage everything via the expert gyaan given by Google/Youtube. However, with time, most such people lose interest once their money shows less than anticipated returns. They return back to FDs, Savings Accounts, or maximum SIP/Stock markets to make money.

So if you are serious about Financial Freedom and do not mind paying a little to secure a peaceful future, you should attend.

Read audience feedback of our previous webinar on Alternate Sources of Income

# Training bullet points were very precise and realistic and were explained clearly and with proper examples

# Got to know different alternate sources of income. Many of them were new to me.

# The purpose of training was for me to be aware of the need for alternative sources of income and the ways to get it. Definitely fulfilled but like to have some more time for it.

# I liked that session provided awareness of various income sources instead of just focusing on one area.

Feedback from participants of Alternate Sources of Income webinar

Who are we?

We are a bunch of individuals who have are interested in personal finance and have walked the talk.

We have been taking Personal Finance trainings over last 3 years. So far, we have trained over 700+ participants and our average rating is 4.6 out of 5. We have done Personal Finance trainings in IT Corporate and Premier MBA Institute.

Apart from training, we also have started to share our knowledge via blogs on this website.

Related Material => Presentation from our first webinar in August on Alternate Sources of Income

Below is brief bio about us:

Ameet Parande

Ameet has been actively interested in Personal Finance since 2003. A DIY Investor in Mutual Funds since 2003, he has amassed a lot of wealth over the years and is now Financially free.

Over the years, Ameet has have delivered numerous trainings imparting knowledge on various aspects of Personal Finance. The Training topics have been on subjects like:

  • Building wealth through Mutual Funds
  • Insurnace & Personal Finance
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Creation
  • Invstement in Overseas Properties
  • Forms of business ownership
  • Finance & COVID-19      
  • Creating wealth through Alternate sources of Income & Passive Income

In the last 3.5 years, Ameet has trained over 600 individuals. In the corporate arena, over the years, his average rating has been an outstanding 4.65 out of 5.0.

On the field, Ameet has:

  • Created comprehensive financial plans for people.
  • Acted as an Insurance advisor for a start up tech company.
  • Actively engaged with people, offering them financial solutions.
  • Trained numerous people in the arean of Personal Finance.
  • Supported hundreds of people on social media on Finance.


  • Licentiate certified in Life Insurance (Insurance Institute India)
  • Pursuing CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

Nishant Gupta

Nishant’s interest in Personal Finanace started in 2010. Initially, it was limited to Mutual Funds. Gradually, Nishant realized that he needs a good understanding of many aspects of Finance to achieve dream of becoming Financially Free and retiring early.

So over time, Nishant explored and has invested in both traditional and modern ways of earning money. He leads a loan free life and will be Financially Free in a few years

Nishant also gained entrepreneural experience via his startup called Home Meal. Unfortunately had to shut it down after 10 months due to lack of external funding. But the experience gained has helped him understand how things work in business.

Nishant follows his passion by writing blogs on www.savemoremoney.in and has published articles on diverse topics such as :

  • Money saving tips
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance
  • Income tax
  • Ways to save money while travelling internationally
  • Ways to earn alternate income
  • To buy a house vs Stay on rent

In collaboration with Ameet, Nishant has trained over 100 participants so far with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.


Ameet, you had given extremely informative session on Finance. Thank you so, much Ameet for making us financially literate by providing such an interesting and productive session.
I really enjoyed in this because you have covered each and every topic about finance for example gst, mutual funds which was totally grey area for me, such a gracefully. You always ask question, and provide answer also with elegant way, listen argument, questions from attendees.
Good to see you as enthusiast in such area!!

Dhananjay Randhavan
Senior Software Engineer
Barclays Global Service Centre Private Limited

Thank you very very much Ameet for all your sessions that you have taken and I have privileged to attend! I have learned from those sessions it has helped me in my day to day life especially the personal finance and MFs one. That session gave me the real picture of the behavior if the average or I should say 80% of people in this world have and people thinks that it’s very difficult. And because of your session it cleared all my understandings and gave me a good picture that how can we achieve the financial freedom in our life. I liked the facts you explained about the financial pyramid very much. I always had this belief that a good teacher is the one who can share and transfer his knowledge to his students 100%. And you are one of those artist whom I have been seeing doing it quite easily.

Gopal Patil
Senior Software Engineer
Nuance India Pvt Ltd

The session helped me immensely to gain knowledge on personal finance. I was a complete novice when it came to managing/ saving/ investing money.
The session had lots of scenarios that acted as an eye opener towards effective money management.
On top of it Ameet has an incredible gift of explaining the things in a very simple way. The concepts of inflation, compounding where explained in detail.
Ameet was successful in convincing the below to me…
Whatever be your salary you will never have money to invest unless you start saving for investing with your current salary.
I would highly recommend this session

Akshay lele
Lead Software Engineer
Tieto Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

I could say that I had almost zero understanding of how to evaluate health of our personal finances before I attended Ameet’s session. The clarity with which he explained the concepts of compounding, long term view of investment and comparison Mutual funds / Equity with other asset classes really made me rethink and learn more on this topic. Furthermore – why it is a must to have term-life-insurance, personal health insurance (on top of the one company provides) even before thinking about investment and what is the power of “good EMI” i.e. SIPs. So much influence his session has had on my way of thinking is that, I switched from regular plans to direct plan in mutual funds in few weeks and have become avid reader to keep myself updated on newspapers, books and journals on personal finance. One of the book he suggested “Millionaire next door” make us understand what is the difference between ‘looking rich’ and ‘being rich’. The un-biased opinion and guidance that Ameet gives is simply great and I am glad that I could attend his session. Looking forward to attend the new session that he is takes now to covers more topics related to personal finance beyond conventional investments.

Sriram Kulkarni
Senior Bid Manager
Tieto Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

Financial Planning is one among the most neglected thing which must have to be at the top of our priorities. The Financial Planning, gives us stability, peace of mind, and calculative risk taking ability to get the best out of the market. It is very difficult to keep ourselves updated with the latest changes in policies, changing rules and various new opportunities, even if we have the basic knowledge of it. I thanks Ameet, for introducing it to me. I really appreciate his knowledge and his passion to make people financially strong and also his eagerness to update, learn and share more and more knowledge in this field. Not only, he helped many in understanding the financial instruments, but he gives his personal suggestions with proper justifications and examples, for the proper guidance. Apart from that, various discussions, puzzles and quizzes, initiated by him, help us to remember even the minute things in addition to just knowing them. He gives us the proper inside to differentiate what is shown to us in the financial market and what to see out of it. I would strongly recommend him to anybody who is willing to be financially sound but not getting the sufficient time, motivation or knowledge for the same. And of-course, his availability to respond to all the questions fired to him on which ever portal, makes him the best choice. Thanks Ameet for your guidance.

Swastik Jain
Senior Software Engineer,
Tieto Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

I started my journey some 10 yrs back (oh yes, I have grown old). He introduced me to Mutual funds. I was sceptical. We both, me and my friend, started with two MFs with our SIP amount being 1K for each MF.
It wasn’t making sense to us back then. I even wanted to get out of it as I had to maintain balance in my account and I was afraid if I don’t pay one installment , I will lose all my corpus. But our enlightening continued. We started getting basics of investing. And after next appraisal I was invested in 3 MFs with my total invest per month standing at 6K.
Time started flowing, like it does always, even at this moment. After another year or so, I got married. We started our own family and welcomed our son to this world 2 years later. The small amount that i kept investing every month made a huge impact on my savings. I had accumulated close to 4L in savings from MFs. It came so handy when I was buying my first (and only ) house.
Since then there has been no looking back. I still remember his first words when he started giving us financial lectures, “Start small , start young”.
I am so thankful to him for giving me right guidance and direction when it was needed the most. I owe a lot to him for my current financial freedom (if I can call it that).
And best part about him is , he constantly try to enrich his knowledge. He is really mean in this department and lays his hands on almost every information available. He can not only guide anyone on how to do investment, but also on what health insurance to buy, why critical illness cover is good or bad, what is asset and how you can make more money by getting invested and much more.
He is my one stop solution for all finance and investment related queries.
Bless you Ameet !!!

Praveen Jaiswal
QA Manager
Promobitech software Pvt Ltd

Perfectly articulated article covering niche segments which usually people tend to skip!


Very nice. I think Nishanth can do every single one of the 11 above. Seriously, these are things that very few might have thought about. Very apt for these hard-to-find-work days

Sudhakar Majety

Hello Nishant! Superb explanation! Educating as a text book! Would love to share it. Zafar


1) Graphs, Stats, examples to create a sceario 2) Day to day life conversations to make it intresting. 3) Detaild strategy for investing. 4) Mackbook— A attached dream to encompass all. 
5) Simple approach and without heavy Jargons. Well done. Kudos Nishant Sir. This is must read for all beiginer who want to enter market now.


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