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SGB Return Calculator
Template to calculate return on gold

Sovereign Gold Bond Returns Calculator

If you are searching for Sovereign Gold Bond Returns Calculator, look no further. In this article, I will share a calculator which will not only give you Sovereign Gold Bonds return but also the returns on other gold forms (Physical, Digital, ETF and SGB)


How I benefitted from growing markets and made money

In this article, I will focus on how I benefitted from growing markets and made money. I will explain what I did over the last few months, how much money I made and how close I am to achieving my goal. I will co-relate these with each of the steps I had written in the previous article.

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Rent vs Buy a House - Which is Better
Is it better to Rent a House or Buy a House?

Rent vs Buy a house – Which is better?

Rent vs Buying a house is a dilemma we all have faced in our life. In this blog, I will try to resolve this dilemma by analyzing the case from both the Financial and Non-Financial aspects